Bukenge James Lukobeka

Researching on “Access to health care services by Refugees ‘Children living in Durban: I’m basically looking at barrier between Health care workers and Refugees on health care service and the impacts of Household Resources on health care by refugees.

I have worked as a Research Assistant and Database Capturing in both academic and public Hospitals in DRC, including the University of KwaZulu-Natal for Database Entry with Prof. Anna Meyer-Weitz and at Westville Campus with Alison Misselhorn also many privet database entry jobs for my colleagues student at UKZN, in SPSS, NVIVO, or EPI-INFO,….. I have been involved in facilitating students’ learning through tutorials and one-on-one consultation as well as assisting with teaching large classes if the lecturer is absent in DRC, I have also volunteered, four years, in several community activities, in both academic and non-academic community-based organizations.