Problem Solver

Carangelo Greta

Carangelo Greta

Areas Carangelo Greta is Knowledgeable in:

-solar energy
-renewable energies
-condensed matter

Carangelo Greta's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. out of the box thinker
  2. ability to transfer know-how
  3. abstraction and mathematics/physics modeling abilities
  4. basic programming in C and C++
  5. versatility
  6. strong analytical background
  7. extremely focused andd willful

Carangelo Greta's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a fluid dynamic model aimed to study the feasibility of a new dosing system weight for the automatic packaging of capsule for pharmaceutical liquid drugs. The optimization of the system can also be obtained in second analysis.
  2. I implemented new functionality to the management system of the company in order to improve the efiiciency in handling the information flow for the customizations of the product.
  3. I built up a historical data archive of the products' non-conformities in order to add statistical studies on the costs of the non-conformities in the management system of the company.
  4. I developed a new concentrated photovoltaic system based on parabolic concentration of the sun rays on a single array of solar cells, with an integrated sun autotracking system. I partecipated to the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 competition with this system.
  5. I developes part of a theoretical model able to simulate the electronic properties of electrons in graphene-based systems. The model was based on a semiclassical extension of the Boltzmann transport equation, valid in quantum mechanics.
  6. I developed a model to account for the thermal response of a Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ) in the nanoscal range of application. I have then integrated this model into a compact model with spin-polarization asymmetry. (see paper)