Problem Solver

Carolina Castañeda

Carolina Castañeda

Areas Carolina Castañeda is Knowledgeable in:

cancer, stem cells, cell signaling

Techniques Carolina Castañeda Uses:

research, reasoning, experiments

Carolina Castañeda's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Research skills: I´m great at finding information and integrating it, pragmatic thinking
  2. Biomedical resear lab skills: PCR, WB, Inmuno histofluorescence, cell culture, confocal microscopy, calcium dynamics analysis
  3. Good at math and biological systems

Carolina Castañeda's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I wrote a biochemical engineering thesis on cellular comunication and survival in a cancer model
    I developed a project to study the roll of cell signaling in the induction of transdiferentiation to stem cells from cancer
    I studied the activation of hepatic stellate cells in a signalling dependent matter