Catherine Shimechero

Catherine Shimechero

Catherine Shimechero's Training:

I am a certified trainer whose expertise is in soft skills. I have over 7 years experience and has trained Corporates, UN Bodies,Embassies, Non Governmental organizations, Parastatals, and Individuals. I have both National and international experience and i am comfortable handling both small and large groups of participants. Having been exposed, sensitivity to various cultures is key when dealing with different people. My training style is participatory and i have the knack of making people relax and as a result come out of their comfort zone easily. I pride in boosting people's confidence and impacting knowledge that can be applied both at work and privately. Participants learn through games, quizzes, role plays, presentations, discussions, reading and peer to peer reviews. While in class, training is simply fun both for me and my participants.

Catherine Shimechero's Experience:

My experience includes training individuals, small groups and large groups. Training in the areas of Communication, Productivity, personal development, customer service and Train the Trainer. I have trained private companies, UN Bodies, Government bodies, Embassies, Small and Medium sized business, Individuals, University students and many other groups.

Catherine Shimechero's Experience with Online Groups:

I have been trained as an E-Moderator and i have had the opportunity of facilitating a virtual conference, having online coaching sessions and also training using skype, zoom and a taster on the Adobe connect and WIZIQ platform.