Problem Solver

Charles Hamilton

Areas Charles Hamilton is Knowledgeable in:

Learning and Organizational Change, Social Computing, Employee Engagement, Mentoring/Social Support Systems, Collaboration Technology, Leadership Coaching, Virtual Work, Gamification, Writer and Public Speaker.

Techniques Charles Hamilton Uses:

Pair and Share, ORID, Nominal Group Technique, Agile Personas, Crowd Sourcing, Jamming/Ideation, Un-Conference, Meta Planning, Tic-Tac-Toe Modeling, Word Cloud, Inverted Class Room, Mind Mapping, SWOT, Crowd Challenges

Charles Hamilton's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Consulting, People Development, Learning and Collaboration Systems, Sharing Economies and New Media

Charles Hamilton's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. • I am an Associate Professor of Digital Media focused on emerging application of emerging digital media in business.
    • I have designed and implemented serious games for Learning and people development
    • I am TED talker and Futurist focused on Open Innovation, the Future of Work and Emerging Technologies
  2. • I have designed, created and implemented corporate internal and external collaboration solutions for the worlds largest technology company
    • I have developed and Open Innovation strategies that leverage current crowd technologies
    • I have created and implemented global social mentoring and coaching systems for the worlds largest technology company
    • I have designed and implemented internal ideation and kickstarter solution for a global banking organization
    • I have designed, developed and implemented life long learning and corporate training systems for many organizations
    • I have designed and implemented virtual immersive spaces, AI rooms and virtual meeting spaces.
    • I have designed and developed two sided sharing economy models for the Food industry, Construction Industry and social venture space;