Problem Solver

Charles Katz

Areas Charles Katz is Knowledgeable in:

anything to do with motivating consumers -- new product concepts -- potential in market for inventions - impact of packaging and product design - marketing strategies

Techniques Charles Katz Uses:

Right brain - assimilate all data - look at problems from many different perspectives -- see the big picture -- unravel all the threads until the problem becomes clear and the true problem is identified -- utilize intuitive leaps to connect disparate concepts -- filter them through a critical evaluation sieve - arrive at a few potential solutions -- break them down - critical analysis - ultimately the Eureka concept

Charles Katz's Problem Solving Skills:


Charles Katz's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed advertising campaigns for consumer focused services and products, such as airlines, fast foods, packaged foods, automobiles, and retail electronics. Devekopoed a creative concept using billboards where the models came alive and helped take a retail chain from $15 million to $115 million in three years. Developed a single call reservation strategy that took an almost bankrupt airline from $$40 million in debt to a sale for $250 million to American airlines. Developed a 5 prong marketing strategy for an electonic retailer that helped triple its stock value. Overall well over $1 billion in sales through my agency involvement. Also numerous national and international industry awards for creativity.