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Charuvind Awale

Charuvind Awale I always want to pursue a bright excelling career in field research and analytic. A motivated and endeavored professional who is at forefront for upcoming challenges, administrative, supervisory, team building, and organizational skills towards supporting the objectives of an organization that rewards reliability, dedication, and solid work ethics with opportunities for professional growth.

--Professional Experience--

 Previous assignments were as Research Associate for 2 year 3 months at SRM Clinical Research Services Pvt. Ltd, India.
 Work on project which state as “Phenotyping Study of NAT enzyme using isoniazid as substrate in Maharashtra Population” in SRM under Dr. Rahul Mayee.

Future work interest:
 Communicate with business development team, project management team and principal investigator for generating clinical feasibility and sample size for clinical studies for various submissions.
 Coordinate and handling client for study related queries & specific requirements and delivery of projects/tasks within the given/agreed timelines
 Coordinate with IEC members and arrange meetings for review, approval, distribution, execution of Protocol/ICF/CRF/IB & generate minutes of meeting.
 Training of new staff /contact staff for general as well as departmental training.
 Evaluates, analyzes, and interpret the medical literature to select primary resource materials for adequate study design, statistical significance, scientific stand and absence of bias.
 Coordinate with line of authority, principal investigator, sponsor, team members, and concern departments (regulatory, analytical & statistics etc.) for designing clinical trial protocols and amendments
 Writing and editing various regulatory specific clinical trials Protocol, ICF, CRF, IB as per their requirements and coordinate with translators for generating required translated version.
 Quality check on essential documents before regulatory submissions.
 Handling Database with SQL and SAS software and interpret for analysis purpose of current business module and use for create new market research for another product.

Languages Charuvind Awale speaks: