Problem Solver

Chris Ndungu

Areas Chris Ndungu is Knowledgeable in:

I am good at idea generation, testing tech innovations as well as presenting and storytelling with analytics. These are areas I would love to explore.

Chris Ndungu's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Digital Transformation/Strategy
  2. Agritech
  3. Conversational AI/ Natural Language Understanding
  4. Mobile Innovations / Fintech
  5. Digital Advertising
  6. Audience Analytics

Chris Ndungu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 2014:
    Worked with leading telecomunication to come up with the most affordable mobile insurance product. Families were only required to pay $120 annualy to access full-year family health medical cover. They would top-up premiums monthly via mobile money.
  2. 2019:
    Working with Agronomist and GIZ, I created the first knowledgee e-game on fall armyworm. It comprized of timed quize about ecology and economic importance of fall army worm. The online platform was used by university professors, students of agriculture, farmers and agronomists to advance their knowledge of the pest and how to controll it.
  3. 2015:
    In charge of seven countries I was responsible for the group's digital transformation five-year plan. I rolled out a web, mobile and intranet digital ecosystem as part of a $650 million budget project that involved multiple technology vendors from different parts of the world.