Innovative People

Christian Nwani

Christian Nwani I am a young man blessed with vision and meditation and the more quiet time I have, the more inspiration I get. I am an author and my books are published in Texas. I travel across Africa on Research and I can stand to tell you more about Africa. Due to the fact that African Leadership had often been corrupted by centuries of misleading renderings and errors, hence concerned Africans have been searching where to draw moral, spiritual and educational inspiration to solving the long Leadership paralysis, fortunately; I have after years of intense research, blessed with innovation to tackling the continental disarray Leadership. I have begun to take the innovation to people that matter, therefore, if you are interested in Africa affairs, inbox me for my insight; let's work together in talking to important people that will facilitate the installation of a prerequisite Institution. I do believe that Africa will stop being a real headache to the world when the continent is populate by good and credible Leaders. We cannot on the strength of anything remain this way in Africa.