Problem Solver

Chryssanthi Stellatou

Chryssanthi Stellatou

Areas Chryssanthi Stellatou is Knowledgeable in:

Music, Internet, Interpersonal relationships

Techniques Chryssanthi Stellatou Uses:

Technique number one: in order to solve a problem you must believe that there is a solution
Technique number two: use of observation and imagination
Technique number three: perseverance
Number four: exhaust any possible and seemingly impossible means to achieve the solution
Number five: Work in a good team and in lack of that, have an assistant who does when one tells him, and from time to time he jumps with an idea that you develp.

Chryssanthi Stellatou's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. European and Byzantine music, writing skills, byzantine iconography

Chryssanthi Stellatou's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Since I am not a scientist I have not contributed - and cannot contribute directly - in scientific problems.
    I could present small examples of everyday patents that require an inventive mind, but I assume that that they are not very important here. However I have found solutions in critical, practical aspects in organizational matters, which were quite difficult to handle.