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Claudia Paoloni

Areas Claudia Paoloni is Knowledgeable in:

First woman President of the Hospital Consultant Specialist Association (HCSA) (70 years) and in this role meet with department of Health bodies, NHS Employers, NHS England, The Treasury, Politicians and Parliamentary peers to influence policy and agree terms and conditions for the senior medical workforce. Having previously completed a large transformational project around workforce planning her continued current passion is to solve the problem of the recruitment and retention difficulties of the NHS medical workforce which is impacting on service provision within the NHS, a major aspect of the NHS people plan.

She has been a stake holder in the recent Gender Pay Gap review within the NHS and is the first woman president in the 70 years of the HCSA.

She is a life coach and mentor and promotes Well being and Resilience , having demonstrated resilience throughout her own career, she enjoys giving interactive motivational talks at scientific meetings and conferences

Dr Paoloni currently holds the position of Consultant Anaesthetist at University Hospital Bristol Foundation Trust (UHBT) and between 2010-2013 was Clinical Director of the large anaesthetic department. During her time as Clinical Director she successfully lead the anaesthetic unit as a pilot site for the Royal College of Anaesthetist Accreditation of Clinical Services in Anaesthesia Programme (ACSA) and was further invited by the Royal College of Anaesthetists to be one of the National Review team for ACSA in standards and Hospital site reviews. Through her work on safe drug administration she was also invited to join the working party for the Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group at the Royal College of Anaesthetists, London.

Dr Paoloni played an important role at CK Dental, a private dental care provider, having managed the establishment of a safe consultant anaesthetist-led sedation service for nervous patients for simple and complex dentistry.

Dr Paoloni has qualifications in aviation medicine and worked in Perth, Australia for The Royal Flying Doctor Service managing Major Trauma and Acute Medical Emergencies on remote sites and their subsequent retrieval back to the City hospitals. With her anaesthetic background she introduced pain management strategies for obstetric retrievals and gave lectures on anaesthetic management in aviation.

On returning to England, Dr Paoloni completed her Specialist Training at Southampton University Hospital and further sub-specialised in cardio-thoracic Anaesthesia undertaking advanced training at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, England.

Dr Paoloni was appointed as Lead Anaesthetist for Thoracic Surgery at University Hospital Bristol in 2001. With an interest in Preoperative optomisation and prehabilitation of thoracic surgical patients she went on to design and manage the establishment and implementation of the current One Stop Preoperative Assessment Service for University Hospital Bristol , as part of her role of establishing the Day of Surgery admission programme for all major elective surgery. These transformational change projects gained her recognition and she was selected onto the Top Leader NHS South West Programme 2010, and invited to represent University Hospital Bristol in the 2008 Hospitals for Europe (HOPE) Exchange, Finland.

Dr Paoloni has certified as a Civil and Commercial mediator and is promoting mediation as an alternative to Litigation in the NHS.

Dr Paoloni has co authored and contributed to a number of anaesthetic medical text books.

Dr Paoloni is certified in medical report writing and available to write reports or act as expert witness.

Dr Paoloni qualified as a doctor from Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School, London, 1991. Completed Specialist training in Anaesthesia 2001, Southampton.

Contact details:

tel: 07865 083 099
Twitter: @drclaudia_p

Techniques Claudia Paoloni Uses:

experience and common sense

Claudia Paoloni's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Civil and Commercial Mediator
  2. NHS SW Leader
  3. Ex Clinical Director of large Department within Hospital
  4. Consultant Anaesthetist in University Hospital Bristol
  5. President of Hospital Consultant Specialist Association (HCSA)
  6. successfully devised and led 3 major transformational change projects on clinical service delivery
  7. stake holder with DOH and NHS England in terms of service of medical staff in NHS
  8. Life coach and mentor

Claudia Paoloni's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Workforce supply and demand of our Anaesthetic Department, first time any department in the hospital had accurately analysed the supply of staff against service demand, identifying problems with under recruitment, servicew creep, insufficient skill mix. inefficient skill distribution and use. So effective this mode was replicated throughout the hospital
  2. Bed utilisation in Hospital to get maximal use of hospital bed turnover for elective and emergency cases, I devised a system of planning operating lists accoprding to type of surgery and length of stays through a small number of protected beds away from the bed base accessed by emergency cases which increased bed efficiency by 25% and additional access for emergency cases
  3. our university Hospital had a very high on day cancellation rate for surgery, which caused financial and service inefficiency. This was mostly due to the fact we are a large tertiary referral centre and hence receive surgery cases from large distances and these cases were not well enough prepared for surgery, so that when they did arrive they were unfit for surgery and had to be cancelled. Myself, with a lead surgeon and a perioperative Consultant nurse managed a complete transformation project introducing a Day of Surgery Admission programme for all major surgical cases which required designing a completly new One Stop preoperative pathway and was successful, reducing on day surgery cancellation rates from 17% to less than 1% and patients being fully assessed preoperatively and optomised fro m 78% to 97%. This was rolled out over 3 years throughoput all surgical specialties and increased total efficiency within the Trust