Problem Solver

Cosimo Fedeli

Areas Cosimo Fedeli is Knowledgeable in:

- Physics and astrophysics
- Mathematical modeling
- Finance
- Statistics

Techniques Cosimo Fedeli Uses:

- Numerical coding
- Statistical tools for data analysis (Bayesian inference, hypothesis testing, model validation)
- Interpolation and extrapolation of trends
- Generalizations based on mathematical modeling
- Analysis of business processes

Cosimo Fedeli's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Interpretation of large datasets
  2. Object-oriented programming
  3. Quantitative predictive modeling
  4. Statistical analysis
  5. Mathematical data modeling
  6. Communication and presentation techniques
  7. Problem solving
  8. Finance and active portfolio management
  9. Physics and astrophysics
  10. Business and functional analysis
  11. Data Science
  12. Graph Analytics
  13. Computer Vision
  14. Natural Language Processing

Cosimo Fedeli's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I employed Fisher matrix analysis and other maximum likelihood methods to estimate the capabilities of future astronomical surveys (both from ground and from space) in constraining the matter-energy content of the Universe and its expansion history.
  2. I developed an innovative way to calculate cross sections for the gravitational deflection of light. It is a numeric approach based on a number of mathematical approximations, and it is considerably faster than any of the pre-existing methods.