Innovation Consultant

Cynthia DuVal

Cynthia DuVal
I am a cultural psychologist and design ethnographer working as an innovation catalyst and consultant It is my job to enable innovation leaders and project teams with theoretically sound design ethnography leadership that results in unique and actionable innovation discoveries, design insights and great ROI.

I help companies (such as Xerox PARC, Verizon, IBM, Red Hat, ACL Services and others) to answer questions that lead us into innovation territory to achieve the business goals listed below. Then, I help leaders and project teams investigate the innovation discoveries we make using a concept design and test approach to creating innovation pipelines, road maps and product and service design specifications.

My portfolio is proprietary; selected projects are available for discussion under non-disclosure.

Business Goals
Build innovation thinking skills across your organization
Improve your innovation research and design project outcomes
Develop an innovation pipeline that aligns with your business goals and strategies
Expand and refine your understanding of partner and customer behaviors, values and needs
Find out why your flagship product is failing in the market
Find a new purpose for an old technology
Find new applications for new technologies
Align your business strategy with cultural and cognitive changes happening around us
Revitalize your brand and company culture with fresh new thinking, products and services
Concept test the best ideas in your innovation pipeline before you build
Do a better job of meeting and exceeding customer expectations
Open up new revenue streams