Cyprian Designi

Cyprian Designi
One of my invention is: (Under the door jamb airbag/cushion for land, air and marine transportation)

It is a flat wide case with a flat wide (soft gray, dark blue or black
velour fabric cover) on the airbag or cushion in it, placed at the
interior of a vihacles headliner or above a plane or bus door to
prevent headbumps when getting in or out of the car, plane, bus, military tank, helicopter, yatch etc, i
invented/designed a pressurized and an electric motorised versions,
it is not only a concept of safety but it would/will also be a show off.
The system can be placed in any transportation from, land, marine and air
i am its worldwide inventor, you first saw it here.

(Under the door jamb slim airbag)TM. was not only invented for safety
reasons, but also for show off, it has an important/reasonable purpose
plus show off..... imagine opening a vihacle or an aircrafts door and just before you
get in this flat cushion or airbag comes out and holds under the door
jamb, making sure you dont bump your head over the door and under the

-Sometimes you rush or in a hurry to get in the vihacle.
-And what about the pregnant women getting in a vihacle
-Or you have a disabled person trying to get in the vihacle.
-Or a taller person.
-Or the older person.
-Or getting in the car during at night.
-Its also safe for the kids.
-What about probably someone with an injury on the head.
-And probably you have a headache, bumping your head on a vihacle is the
last thing you want to happen.. etc.....

For some people simple headbumps sometimes can lead to serious medical
I think people have better things to worry about than reminding
themselves everytime that (when they are about to get off this vihacle
they have to be carefull not to hit their head on that mean alluminium.

I think people who will experience this feature will say (That vihacle
has a grand entry, when you enter that vihacle that feature makes you
feel special or royal)

My most interest in the innovations is Safety, Medical and Transportation.

Many thanks.

Cyprian Designi's inventions:

(Under the door jamb cushion/airbag for land, air and marine transport)