Problem Solver

Dana Wolcott

Dana Wolcott

Areas Dana Wolcott is Knowledgeable in:

All forms of printing, camera and projection systems, alternative energy, especially biochar, microhydro and microwind, sports, especially basketball and motorcycles, alternative housing and sustainable villages.

Techniques Dana Wolcott Uses:

I find the fundamentals of problem solving described in the Osborne-Parnes Problem Solving Process to be most useful. Object, Fact, Problem, Idea, Solution, Acceptance finding. I also find the personal process of problem immersion, soak time and intuitive solution, ha-ha's, to be effective for me.

Dana Wolcott's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Advanced New Product Development

Dana Wolcott's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed and obtained 3 patents for a low cost video/digital printer based on Kodak Trimprint Instant Film. I lead the team that commercialized the first dye sublimation printer hardware from Eastman Kodak.