Daniel Slosar

Daniel Slosar
In the years 2014 - 2017, I successfully completed my PhD studies in the field of Utilization and Protection of Earth Resources. As part of my dissertation, I initiated research in the field of low-concentration sphere of concentration photovoltaics and Fresnel lenses. Over the course of three years, I completed the research with the first broad-spectrum solar radiation analysis in Slovakia, which identified the main problem of concentration photovoltaics in the local climate. Research has required the development of additional laboratory equipment for the first predictions. Research has produced interesting results that set the limits of current technology and its potential for use by the general public or within B2C and B2B.

During my Bachelor's and later Engineering studies in the Use of Alternative Energy Sources (2009-2014) at Technical university of Kosice, Slovakia (TUKE), I develop equipment that used solar radiation. The development was divided into energy and thermal equipment. At TUKE's Renewable Energy Sources Department, I designed a parabolic device that used solar radiation to generate electricity through thermoelectric generators. Research has declared the use of solar radiation throughout the year.
During my studies, I also developed a new concept for the portable charger. The device uses a thermoelectric generator to generate electricity. I presented the project at several national and international competitions and events, and was awarded several awards. In order to protect the innovative idea, I filed a patent application that was approved and extended a year later by foreign licenses. The facility has been publicly presented under the name Chargebrella since 2014 (more information is available at

Chargebrella won the Business Idea 2016 competition of Tatra bank Foundation, and national round of the World University Startup Cup 2017. This was followed by lots of press coverage (40+ outputs). It has been selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Good Idea Slovakia Licence and was also selected to exhibit at the Slovak pavilion at the World Expo Astana 2017

During my Bachelor's and later Engineering studies in the Use of Alternative Energy Sources (2009-2014) I worked as a consultant and alternative energy source technician for the civic association SOSNA. Working on various projects, I constructed the first recycled material concentration device, which used a parabolic concentration of solar radiation to heat food. As part of our long-term cooperation, I have designed several devices: a solar shower, a solar refrigerator, a solar dryer, a box cooker and a Trombe wall. All the facilities were used for training workshops and other daily activities of the organization.

Daniel Slosar's inventions:

Solar cooker
Solar refrigerator
Solarna shower
Solarna food dryer