Daniel Voss

I am an inventor and engineer of several ideas and inventions that have been brought to the patents arena . Making a living selling these ideas to larger companies. Here is a few

1. A water separating electrode that separates water into molecular form without the use of any electrolyte. Creating a very efficient environment to use the yielded gas as a fuel.
2. A water filter that goes on your shower head removing 99% of all chlorine and harmful bacteria while you shower. Small and compact the size of a baseball.

3. The Wearable Heating pad

4. Nitric acid production from water and solar . Designed a new way to manufacture nitric acid from water and electricity at the highest known efficiency.

5. High efficiency electric motor. (I have also taught motor efficiency theory. )

6. Hydrogen powered electric generator

7. Water fueled motorcycle

8. Hydrogen Peroxide from water cell, Creates Peroxide from water and electricity.

9. Hydrogen peroxide concentration measurement meter

10. Water ionizer