Problem Solver

David Antonio Fajardo Ponce

David Antonio Fajardo Ponce

Areas David Antonio Fajardo Ponce is Knowledgeable in:

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Ecology.

Techniques David Antonio Fajardo Ponce Uses:

I used the Technic of identifying the variables involved in the problems, and assigned a letter to manage each variable in an equation,
I have used a point scale to reward the students who bring polyethylene bottles and aluminum cans.
On the other side, I use excel sheets to keep the control of the points.

David Antonio Fajardo Ponce's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Inductive and deductive analysis, balancing chemical equations, isolating variables in algebraic equations and inequalities.

David Antonio Fajardo Ponce's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I created a method to balance chemical equations.
    I discovered how to undo a stain in the finished shirts made by a company.
    I did settle a project of recycling polyethylene bottles and aluminum cans in the school where I work.
    I created a method of solving Physic problems.