Problem Solver

David Cornblatt

David Cornblatt

Areas David Cornblatt is Knowledgeable in:

Helping people get through emotional blockages, personal growth, personal happines, life balance, concept design through sales implementation, Sales automation, CRM selection and implementation,

Techniques David Cornblatt Uses:

My 39 years of entrepreneurial experience and keen intuition

David Cornblatt's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Break through thinking that limits success
  2. Help people get out of their own way
  3. Partner conflict resolution
  4. Logistical, workflow and customer problem solving

David Cornblatt's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. We had an issue whereby when we shipped furniture across the country our damages were in excess of 10%. After studying this I devised a plan where we shipped a disposable camera (This was pre cameras on phones) with a prepaid fedex envelope with instructions. The instructions were simple, take pictures at the moment a damage is spotted and pictures how the furniture was loaded. Our damages went down to below 1%.
  2. Created and implimentes CRM solutions to automate tasks and responses to customers. Automated social network posting on 8 platforms which gave the BBQ business first page rankings on Google.
  3. I turned a liquidation company from negotiating to get the lowest price with customers and having a negative persona, to that of a company that partnerd with them, sharing in the revenue to maximize the outcome for both. Our clients changed to partners rather than adversaries. From this we liquidated assets for Winstar, Cable and Wireless, Time Warner Cable, Sallie Mae, IBM as well as hundreds of other national corporations.
  4. I enjoyed cooking however I have never cooked for more than 15 people, and never cooked BBQ successfully. In 2 years, I created a successful BBQ food truck and catering company, won several awards, best BBQ food truck in the DC, Maryland & Virginia area, as well as the 9th best BBQ in DC. We sold the company in August 2016.
  5. Negotiated and liquidated Altria's corporate headquarters in New York. This interesting fact is I created a counter intuitive comission structure that the more we sold the higher percentage we received. They accepted it because they knew I understood that whatever was not sold had to be thrown away at their cost. From this we gave them a net positive solution which made them extatic.