Problem Solver

David Orellana

David Orellana

Areas David Orellana is Knowledgeable in:

International business

Techniques David Orellana Uses:

The techniques of problem solving are various and depend on the industrial sector of the company. I have a team of over 50 experts in many areas as well , I am a researcher at a prestigious university

David Orellana's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Mining: solve problems.
  2. Marketing: strategic marketing , international marketing , marketing in Latin America
  3. Cosmetology: project management based on algae.
  4. Business: solve problems; new business opportunities; negotation; international business;
  5. Recycling & Waste Management: Creation of new companies and recycling plants
  6. Biotech: solve problems; new business opportunities; negotation.

David Orellana's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. developing individual solutions for businesses of various types. The most important solucuines are seeking new business opportunities
  2. develop a prototype of photovoltaic energy for mining in 1990