Problem Solver

Ddamulira Charles

Ddamulira Charles
Please come and we will solve problems together.

Areas Ddamulira Charles is Knowledgeable in:

business field,relationships,transport,logistics,aviation,watercrafts,communication and tv,radio,satellite and others

Techniques Ddamulira Charles Uses:

observe- analyze-research-compile-solution.

Ddamulira Charles's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Am a researcher and my problem solving pricinple is analysing the problem,look for a solution from references and then related.

Ddamulira Charles's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1-I have been involved in writing/planning two big projects one was mobile virtue network operators and the other was mobile virtue network enablers. At

    2- I have written about 4 business marketing plans for big companies which are doing well.

    3- Have been a youth counselor in my church for more than five years.And my field of operation was youth,marriage and general relationship problems.

    4- I am a marketing representative/agent for about 5 companies currently
    5-My general problem solving skills are observe-analyze-research - compile