Problem Solver

Deborah Louise Niven

Areas Deborah Louise Niven is Knowledgeable in:

I am knowledgable and interested in Art and Design (I have an Honours Degree in the History of Art, Architecture and Design). Education - over 10 years experience in this field across all age groups. Have managed subjects and budgets for schools.

I am knowledgabe about the needs of people with Special Needs.

Techniques Deborah Louise Niven Uses:

Truly understanding the requirements. Listening. Working as a team ensuring everyone is valued.

Deborah Louise Niven's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Worked abroad in finance and marketing - communication with different cultures/races of people
  2. Able to manage compay budgets.
  3. Set up working as self-employed in UK - able to manage work independently.
  4. Understanding of importance of and ability to work to tight deadlines, under pressure.
  5. Social skills - ability and understanding of importance in being able to relate to ALL.
  6. Understanding of importance of teamwork in solving problems and support for colleagues.
  7. Education - vast amount of teaching experience specifically with Special Needs Children.
  8. Life skills and experience that comes with working in different areas and with different people.

Deborah Louise Niven's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed educational solutions for children with a range of special needs to enable them to access education, give them confidence and the ability to integrate socially.

    I have developed a integrated educational curriculum marrying the American Curriculum to a more hollistic skills-based creative curriculum that is in tune with new ideas for education in the 21st Century.