Problem Solver

Debosmit Majumder

Debosmit Majumder

Areas Debosmit Majumder is Knowledgeable in:

Sustainable Technology

Techniques Debosmit Majumder Uses:


Debosmit Majumder's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Fintech
  2. Healthcare Management
  3. IT Workflow Setup
  4. Supply Chain Management
  5. Workflow Optimization
  6. Automation
  7. UX Research
  8. System Design
  9. WordPress
  10. JavaScript
  11. PHP
  12. HTML
  13. CSS

Debosmit Majumder's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have designed and developed India's largest waste collection and accountability platform based on blockchain.
  2. I have contributed major bug fixes and feature improvements to apps such as Resso (a music app by Bytedance - owner of Tiktok), WhatsApp (World's most popular chat application), Microsoft Kaizala (predecessor of Microsoft Teams), Jupiter Money (India's first Neobank) and Razorpay (India's largest ecommerce payment gateway).
  3. I have contributed to security research for India's largest mode of digital payment - UPI
  4. I have conceptualized Mumbai's only integrated travel platform app - which plans travels from Metro to Subway to Monorail to Ferries and more.
  5. I have developed India's first hyperlocal delivery startup which relied on public transport.
  6. I have developed a subsidy and grants portal for State Government of Rajasthan, India which allowed rural people to accurately search using local dialects (which were not served by Google Translate)
  7. I have designed and scaled the system for - India's most visited CoVID-19 information portal for stats and live data during its operations.