Problem Solver

Debra Boyle

Areas Debra Boyle is Knowledgeable in:

Learning strategies for special needs students; self-publishing processes; graphic arts; designing paper product materials; nutrition and dietary difficulties; curriculum design for specific learning needs; business marketing on a budget; family communication issues; alternatives to traditional education; food additives and intolerant reactions and/or allergies; writing for negotiation; canine health (food, exercise, socialization, wellness); chronic pain difficulties (for fibromyaligia, arthritis, bursitis, neuromas, migraines); panic attacks and treatments; social interaction for persons with phobias or panic disorder; child and teen difficulties (such as leaving home, defiance, options for parents); handling family difficulties (estate division, lack of communication, locating a family member for medical or other purposes); organization skills for a more successful lifestyle

Techniques Debra Boyle Uses:

Excellent and persistent research skills via internet, phone contacts, and internet contacts. Networking skills with contacts online and/or in-person. Writing skills requesting information, making appeals, legal affidavits, educational evaluations, etc. In-person speaking/communication skills with difficult staff within education environment.

Debra Boyle's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Small business owner; design marketing brochures, etc; 20 years education exp.; author-self pub books; psych/counseling exp

Debra Boyle's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed my own curriculum for teaching autism students to read/communicate.
    I have self-published four books that are selling on Amazon.
    I was able to research options, locate, and implement the purchase of a $13K photo lense for professional photographer when "none were available to public".
    I have owned and operated my education service business for 20 years.
    I have originated recipies for dietary contraints, allergies, and/or intolerances.
    I have researched contacts and written affidavits, appeal letters, documents to win insurance appeals, overturn court decisions regarding children/education; and win compensation and/or special services from school districts.
    I have located a very difficult-to-find x-spouse for a Vietnam veteran so to have closure.
    I have marketed a photographer's work to the extent of joining his photos to a New York based stock agency where he has been published world-wide.