Problem Solver

Derrick Tarn

Areas Derrick Tarn is Knowledgeable in:

-Drug Development
-Drug Delivery

Techniques Derrick Tarn Uses:

-Logical deductive reasoning; by testing all the factors individually the root cause of the issue can be determined.
-Literature search and making conclusions based off analyzing similar issues met by other researchers.
-Systematically retracing my steps and eliminating potential root causes.

Derrick Tarn's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Spectroscopy
  2. Drug Delivery
  3. Nanoparticles

Derrick Tarn's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I developed a nanogated nanoparticle delivery system capable of targeting and killing cancer cells.
    -I developed polymer and small molecule modifications on nanoparticles to allow for stable, monodisperse suspensions in saline.
    -I developed a light-activated nanovalve that is capable of a targeted, dosage-controlled delivery of anti-cancer drugs in vitro.