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Diego Israel

Diego Israel I am a Logistics expert in any kind of environment
Health & Safety expert, see the problems and dangerous situations before they happen.
Prepare Planning Prevent Poor Performance that's my way of thinking's all the time.
Excellent in Maintenance of any machine no matter how big or small it is. As an example I have a 929 Honda Motorbike, year 2000 now in 2019 after 87000km never need to touch the motor, only replace Sta tor, clutch leva & servo motor that break down because of metal fatigue, the bike runs like new; I can send photos or a minute video showing my bike running if someone don't believe me.
Management, training of employees to do technical jobs
Quarries manager expert huge knowledge of explosives and use of the "Prima Cord" detonating cord
Been a PA, assistant, Interpreter: On the 2010 world cup I take care of the Chilean of the TVN with them was the legendary Ivan Zamorano & Supermodel Maria Albero, later we were join by the famous soccer player of the Inter- Milan Javier Zanetti, all they were so happy at the end of the world cup they give me their soccer shirts sign, I can send you the photos of them if you wish.
I am a qualify first aider, done the full curse.
Problem Solver, of any kind of problem, I just need a proper explanation of the problem.
Expert in the maintenance of any kind of machine.
I believe anything build up to now can be improve, I'm not like other people that think if it work is fine why change it. And they are lots of them, that's why we don't have proper flying cars, no drone like flying machines, I'm talking about vehicles with a kind of magnetic field energy under capable to beat the power of gravity. That will require a lot of energy in a small space and the best the world can offer is Lithium Ion batteries; We need to experiment in plasma batteries and how to keep producing energy without the containment unit exploding, Just imagine a little hadron collider, but in this example we don't make proton & electrons collide but work together, it will be like the Arc reactor of Iron Man but real, the wall made of most power full magnets will contain the energy, cool by liquid nitrogen could do their work; Now is for scientist to try to build it and stop the use of the Lithium (Cobalt) that is so difficult to recycle very bad for the environment.
In the mean time we can produce mini turbines made of composite materials and the most power full magnets, they will situated on the back of every Electric Vehicle in line of 6 or 8 will rise automatically when the car goes over 80km/h & lower it under 80km/h the energy produce will recharge the batteries giving to the EV at least 50% more range, I call it "Power Boost" not forgetting having in the roof of the EV solar cells that will give a little power continuously. In this way we can reduce the size & weight of the lithium ion batteries, like any car from Tesla Motors have a lithium battery pack that weigh 500kg (half a ton) in the bottom of the car. I that car rolls in an accident the weigh of the batteries will crush the roof killing the occupants if not equip with roll bars reinforcing the roof.
One of my proudest inventions is the MCA or Medicine Cream Applicator
Normally any time we put crème or ointment on the skin to treat any of the below problems the plaster will fall in 5 minutes as the cream will made the plaster loose ticking force.
It will help to treat any of the below treat skin problems : like:Cyst, wounds, Ichthyosis, lupus, folliculitis, boil, xeroderma, Pimple, Burn , ringworm, Keratosis, Blister, Atopic Dermatitis, Skin Ulcer, Atopy, wart, skin rash , skin infection, Urticaria, Cutaneus condition, Psoroias just to name a few; So “Cue a light bulb moment” why not use a rubber “O” ring or “Square” that will act as a barrier in between the cream and the sticky part of the plaster and at the same time hold enough ointment that will be absorb by the skin in the next 2 to 3 hours, bringing down the infection & pain, the rings because of their thickness (3 to 5mm) it can hold a good amount of medicinal cream or ointment to treat on the go any skin problems, even muscle problems as it will hold a good amount of Voltaren gel on the spot for 2 to 3 hours taking ½ of the pain while on duty.
.In the future the O rings will be made with silver strings for the most delicate skin like the ones on diabetics or pregnant woman. As we know silver kill all bacteria, keeping the skin bacteria free;
The Ultimate invention will be the one that will render all ICBM/MIRVS obsolete & I got it:
I call it "Drone Shield" America been expending billion of dollars in a missile defence program that today it become useless after the invention of the multi warhead ICBM for short "MIRV" not only 1 ICBM can carry up to 14 warheads each one 100 times most powerful than the one drop in Hiroshima they have counter measures, metallic pieces, flares and dummy warheads so total destruction is inevitable and as we know "you cant stop a bullet with another bullet.
My idea is simple why try to intercept an ICBM/MIRV going at 20000km/h what about if you wait for it to deploy the warheads and have Drones intercepting them, a super computer will know the trajectory of every ICBM/MIRVS sending drones to the right position at the highest possible to intercept the warheads before they arm to explode, carrying a very sensitive proximity fuse the drones will explode destroying the warheads without producing a thermo nuclear explosion;
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