Problem Solver

Dimitrios Mazarakos

Dimitrios Mazarakos

Areas Dimitrios Mazarakos is Knowledgeable in:

-Aircraft/Helicopter Design (Flight mechanics, Aerodynamics, Structures, Subsystems)
-Subsea Riser Tube Design (Hydrodynamics and structures)
-Ultrasonic device design
- Aerospace structures

Techniques Dimitrios Mazarakos Uses:

-Computational Fluid Dynamics Software such as ANSYS FLUENT
-Finite Element Methods Software such as NASTRAN/PATRAN
-Handmade calculations regarding structural mechanics, fluid mechanics and machine design fundamentals.
-MATLAB scripts
-Monte Carlo Stochastic Models

Dimitrios Mazarakos's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Marine: Hydrodynamics and CFD/FEM hydroelasticity methods
  2. Engineering-structural: Handmade calculations and Finite Element Models
  3. Space Technology:Aerothermodynamic analysis of re-entry vehicles, Kinematic and dynamic analysis of large deployable space boo
  4. 3D Printing: CAD Design and STL file export, setup
  5. Waste Management: High Pressure engineer of Ballast Water Treatment System
  6. Aeronautics: a) Theoritical Knowledge Instructor in EASA Module 8 &11, b) Aerostructural design, c)Hypersonic Aerodynamics and
  7. Drones: Chief Enginner and Technical Manager of ATLAS Team (2007-2015) in Design, Build and Fly Radio-controlled Air Vehicles,
  8. Automotive: a) Chief Aerodynamicist of Hermes II Solar Car Team, b) Race engineer and Ground Vehicle Stability engineer of Pyth
  9. Decision Analysis: Certificate in Advanced Project Management-Professional Education
  10. Oil/gas: Riser Tube engineer-materials-loads- structural analysis
  11. Engineering-Mechanical: Computational Fluid Mechanics, Machine Design, Materials Strength, Statics, Dynamics, Vibrations.

Dimitrios Mazarakos's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I performed high quality Aerostructural/Flight Stability calculations using CEASIOM for the Design of FANTASSY Aircraft (
  2. I developed a MATLAB code using the Aircraft Stability equations, investigating the stability and control modes of radio-controlled aircrafts. This code was further calibrated with Flight tests.
  3. I designed and manufactured a horn for ultrasonic homogenizer using Finite element models and analytical calculations.
  4. For more than 9 years I was the Leader of UPat ATLAS Team (, building 5 different radio controlled cargo aircrafts (drones). I strongly involved in Aerostructural design working with composite materials and the aircrafts' ground and flight testing plan. Ι also was the team's Captain during Flight Competition, organizing the strategy, succeeding the maximum score.
  5. I designed and manufactured a scaled structure for Ballast Water Treatment. I introduced the testing procedures for the components' high pressure testing. I also developed a Numerical Fluid Mechanics method in MATLAB for the pressure drop estimation in the system.
  6. I developed a numerical model for the calculation of temperature distribution through a hypersonic vehicle's thermal shield during re-entry . The method was calibrated with real time flight data. The technique is AIAA's technical note: doi: 10.2514/6.2006-7939, AIAA 2006-7939
  7. I developed a Multidisciplinary Mathematical Method for the Principal Investigation and Feasibility Study of MIFIS Concept. The MIFIS Concept is a proposed system for hydrates intervention and offshore/blow-out recovery.
  8. I developed a kinematics/dynamics mathematical model for the simulation of a Space Deployable Boom Structure.
  9. I performed a high quality thermostructural calculations using FEM for the efficient thermal management of ASPIS Box (
  10. I developed a numerical model for the calculation of aerodynamic coefficients of a space vehicle during the re-entry in hypersonic regime. The method was calibrated with wind tunnel measurements. The technique is AIAA's technical note: doi: 10.2514/6.2006-8086, ΑΙΑΑ 2006-8086