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  1. By how much does the tunneling current through the tip of an STM change if the tip rises 0.020 nm from some initial height above a sodium surface with a work function W0=2.28eV? [Hint: Let the work function (see Section 37-2) equal the energy needed to raise the electron to the top of the barrier.]


    In this problem, we are given a scanning tunneling microscope for which we want to estimate the change of the tunneling current if the tip of the microscope moves away for 0.020 from the sodium surface.

    T1= Ae^-2GI


    T2= Ae^-2G (l + deltal)

    Next, drop in transmission which is going to be defined as,

    T2/T1= Ae^-2G(l + deltal)/ Ae^-2GI= e^-2Gdelta l

    Next, Calculate the exponent:

    exp= 2 x 0.0x10^-9 x squareroot 2 x 9.11x10^-31 x 2.28 x 1.6x10^-19/ h

    exp= -0.3091

    Finally, get the ratio between tunneling current:

    T2/T1= e^-2Gdeltal= e^-0.3091

    T2/T1= 0.73

    Therefore, the current drops for about 27%.