Problem Solver

Douglas Clark

Douglas Clark

Areas Douglas Clark is Knowledgeable in:

Machine learning, natural language processing, aviation in general and aerospace in particular.

Techniques Douglas Clark Uses:

All problems start with a statement of the environment and the basic question, "What has changed." From there tried and true techniques are work backs, models (abstract and analogy) and brainstorming. However, I believe that work backs are the best approach, as most problems are truly physics problems. If you cannot understand how you got where the problem arose, you have little chance of solving the problem.

Douglas Clark's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I was part of a team that developed a satellite communications system to support military commanders with national level intelligence
    - I developed a secure data link system for an airborne electronic jamming system
    - I led an international team in defining and consensus building for the world's first standard for project scheduling
    - Architected software as a service offering in project portfolio management