Problem Solver

Douglas Morgan

Douglas Morgan

Areas Douglas Morgan is Knowledgeable in:

Security, Mobile Commerce, Startups, Technology, Corporate Communications, Music, Intellectual Property and Patents, Business Consulting, Private Placement Memorandums, Financing

Techniques Douglas Morgan Uses:

I have learned, studied, coached and used a wide range of problem solving techniques and strategies throughout my career. These include such industry standard approaches as Root Cause Analysis, Constructive Controversy, Hurson’s Productive Thinking Model, Analogy, Eight Disciplines, FMEA, Cause and Effect Analysis, Reverse Brainstorming, Appreciative Inquiry, Reduction, Focus Model for TQM, Gap Analysis, etc. etc.
I attempt to bring this broad base of experiences and options to the problems I address and use them as a toolkit on which to draw and from which to synthesize an approach that best suits the particulars of the problem in question as well as the context and constraints involved.

Douglas Morgan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Personal Development Trainer
  2. Communications Coach
  3. Business and Technology Consultant
  4. Network architecture for security systems
  5. Mobile commerce and payment systems
  6. Technical and Business Writing (technology descriptions, PPMs, corporate press releases, business strategy documents, etc.)
  7. Computer Game Design (early career)
  8. System Architect
  9. Software Programmer (early career)
  10. Hardware Developer (early career)
  11. Inventor and IP expert - 8 patents/Expert witness/Coordinated a patent defense/Managed a patent litigation/etc.
  12. see also - "Problem Solving Experience" below for additional skills/areas of expertise

Douglas Morgan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Wrote PPM and personally raised over 1M in private angel investments for startup as a consultant.
  2. Refocused product strategy and enhanced reach, quality and applications of a key product for an optical technology company as interim CEO.
  3. Have written business descriptions, product information, press releases, financial summaries, technology descriptions and the like for both public and private companies and clients.
  4. Have served as an expert witness, marshaled a patent defense and coordinated litigation of a patent for various firms. Ran IP strategy for C-SAM prior to its purchase by MasterCard.
  5. Have consulted for a broad range of technology based companies across numerous verticals in the areas of IP, business models, product definition and focus, marketing and go-to-market strategies.
  6. Senior analyst for boutique Investment Firm evaluating business models, strategies and technologies of potential client companies prior to their committing to fund raising.
  7. Have generated patentable concepts in a number of my consulting and employment engagements (8 issued patents plus additional foreign filings).
  8. Helped articulate and execute a strategy (as Chief Strategy Officer) for C-SAM, a private 200-person mobile finance company, to pursue an exit for founders. Wrote 80 page PPM and strategy document for fund raising that resulted in 8 figure investment and eventual purchase of the company by MasterCard.
  9. Developed a fault tolerant and self-adapting network for security systems (patent issued).
  10. Conceived a product development and go to market strategy incorporating a patented security keyboard into an integrated security system, helping a start up leverage their IP into a marketable product and a profitable revenue stream. Company subsequently merged with public company. Served as director of NASDAQ listed company.
  11. Conceived, directed and helped write a best selling computer game for Radio Shack called Dungeons of Daggorath as President of DynaMicro.
  12. Conceived and wrote the software for one of the first implantable (human) auditory prostheses as an RA at Stanford.
  13. Have done relationship coaching and taught personal development seminars.
  14. Performed and competed as a concert pianist when younger. Play in a cover rock and dance band – keyboards and vocals.