Are innovative people smart? Take a look at the educational achievements of these innovators and you'll agree they are a very impressive bunch! Two or three degrees are not uncommon, so you can see how hard working and diligent these innovative people are when it comes to upgrading their skills and knowledge.

Afroj Shah
Afsal Musthafa
Aftab Alam
Aftab Haq
Aftab Hussain
Afua Adu-Boateng
AG McAdams
Agarin Peter Luiken
Agbeniga Iseoluwa
Agberndifor Evaristus Mwenyo Eyong
Agbo Benjamin
Agbo Simon
Agbor Smith
Aggrey Omusotsi
Agileswaran Veerasingam
Agnaldo Dantas
Agnes Mtoto
Agostinho Almeida
Agshin Huseynov
Agus Supriyono
Agustin Ramirez
Ahad Baghery
Ahammed Kabeer V P
Ahasanur Rabbi
Ahlem Azaiez
Ahmad Abdur Razzaq
Ahmad Akashe
Ahmad alBaiaa
Ahmad Alhourani
Ahmad Badreddine
Ahmad Elswerkey
Ahmad Fauzi
Ahmad Muhammad
Ahmad Nabil
Ahmad Oraizi
Ahmad Raza
Ahmad Siddiqi
Ahmad Uba Ahmad
Ahmad Yaar
Ahmad Zamani
Ahmad Zeinolebadi
Ahmad Afifi Sulaiman
Ahmad Karim Haroon
Ahmed Abba
Ahmed Al-Othman
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Aloufi
Ahmed Amer
Ahmed Assem
Ahmed Besheer
Ahmed Elhady
Ahmed Elmokayed
Ahmed Elsheekh
Ahmed Essa
Ahmed Ghodieh
Ahmed Hamid
Ahmed Hashim
Ahmed Hassaan
Ahmed Hembel
Ahmed Hendam
Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Jama
Ahmed Kamel
Ahmed Khalaf Reyad
Ahmed Khalil
Ahmed Khoder
Ahmed Laiali
Ahmed Maher
Ahmed Moawad
Ahmed Mohy
Ahmed Ogela
Ahmed Saad
Ahmed Salah
Ahmed Samir
Ahmed Shabbir
Ahmed Shehada
Ahmed Shehata
Ahmed Soliman
Ahmed Sulliman
Ahmed Tag elasfia
Ahmed AL Qassem
Ahmed Hassan Mestour
Ahmed Suleman Issah
Ahmed Ullah Mazullah
Ahmer Siddiqui
Ahmet Arslan
Ahsan Mohammad Hussain
Ahsan Saeed
Ahsan Sittar
Ahshan Habib
Aida Juarez
Aida Martínez
Aida Zarifian
Aidan Henderson
Aien Jazheel David
Aiesha Lester-Pearson
Aijaz Bhat
Aika Reyes
Ailson De Moraes
Ailton Marques

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