Problem Solver

Edward Verneuille

Areas Edward Verneuille is Knowledgeable in:

Remodeling and Renovations
Any projects that require inovation.

Techniques Edward Verneuille Uses:

I am an inventor. I have one product with pat. pending.
I have a second idea with a prototype that is near completion.
I can build or make anything that can be visualized.
I have been self employed as a Contractor offering all building services.

Edward Verneuille's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I have extensive experience in trouble shooting, building, fabricating and thinking outside the box.

Edward Verneuille's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1 - Remodeling a dentist office a redesigned the cabinets to accommodate the needs of the Dentist. The cabinets were designed with shorter drawers so the cables, wires could be run within the cabinet.
    2 - I invented a storage cabinet that raises up to the ceiling for storage, allowing more room for vehicle egress etc. Pat. Pending.
    3 - I built a Dog Door for one of my customers. Custom design with the ability to lock with a diamond plate door.