Problem Solver

Elaine Cooper

Areas Elaine Cooper is Knowledgeable in:

Health and wellbeing. Communication. Impact of culture and tradition on behaviours

Techniques Elaine Cooper Uses:

The most important problem solving technique I employ is to LISTEN and HEAR.

Elaine Cooper's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. communication, especially in tailoring language and style to suit any audience
  2. project management
  3. report editing/proof reading
  4. report writing
  5. Research
  6. analysis

Elaine Cooper's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have designed scores of surveys and research frameworks which have successfully accessed the information required.
  2. I introduced the concept of using photographs to improve communication with disadvantaged groups with poor verbal and written skills.
  3. I persuaded state employees to trust me enough to talk to me in confidence about employment and political practices.
  4. I persuaded vulnerable adults and children to participate in and contribute to focus groups and surveys