Problem Solver

Elizabeth Pleickhardt

Elizabeth Pleickhardt

Areas Elizabeth Pleickhardt is Knowledgeable in:

Eliminating single use plastic products, clean energy, solar energy……..I enjoy working with people as I am lucky to have a high EQ - so I’m able to problem-solve with people and really be able to work with all types of people. I also want to use technology to connect people in real life - using the internet to host free talk/space groups for anybody to join who just wants to talk to others - with no agenda of making money……a way for all of us to talk and connect, and learn from each other.

Elizabeth Pleickhardt's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Enjoy challenging situations
  2. Was the director of a Neonatal ICU for 8 years
  3. Teach neonatal-perinatal medicine to medical residents
  4. Invasive medical procedures such as intubation, IV placement, chest tube placement, resuscitation of newborns
  5. Communication with patient’s families in challenging situations
  6. Medical doctor
  7. Provide medical care to newborns, healthy and sick
  8. Tend to be the “idea” person in problem solving situations

Elizabeth Pleickhardt's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I got the hospital to replace Styrofoam cups with paper cups for the doctor’s lounge. I will continue to make these suggestions until Styrofoam is eliminated!
  2. I solved a staffing issues for the physicians in the group by creating an incentivized pay system that rewarded those working the most hours the most money……but gave all incentive to work more - which was successful and remains in place by the company today.
  3. I developed a platform for my company to share medical literature easily during our monthly staff meetings - which was a great success and continues to be used by the company.
  4. I ensured the physicians in my practice were utilizing up-to-date medical care practices by direct education and ensuring that hospital policies were updated to reflect current and best medical guidelines.