Problem Solver

Elliott Kurtz

Areas Elliott Kurtz is Knowledgeable in:

Geospatial Analysis
Marine Science

Techniques Elliott Kurtz Uses:

First I do extensive research and see if solutions can be adapted from other fields. I then draw out the situation using diagrams and mind mapping. I often find that reducing the problem into the simplest parts will produce elegant solutions.

Elliott Kurtz's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Performer and student of Eastern European Folk Music
  2. Research and analysis of spatial and non-spatial field data
  3. GIS / Spatial analysis
  4. R Statistical Programming
  5. Field animal tracking and data collection
  6. Basic Scripting in Python
  7. Setting up experimental research projects
  8. Coordinating researchers and data collectors
  9. Laboratory research of algae growth
  10. Collecting data from an research vessel
  11. Laboratory research of fish parasitology
  12. Field research of small reptile ecology

Elliott Kurtz's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I found a solution to allow for faster counting of algae cells using image analysis software and microscopy which expedited growth experiments.
  2. I improved a data management scheme so that field data collected by "citizen scientist" volunteers can be used more efficiently and with greater accuracy. This system coordinated and trained volunteers so that inexperienced observers could collect usable data.
  3. I developed a method of collecting data over many spatial scales to relate land use patterns and local water quality indices to local plant abundance within a GIS using freely available data sets. This allowed for observations and analysis that would have impossible with field sampling alone.