Problem Solver

Essam Zaki

Areas Essam Zaki is Knowledgeable in:

Maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA sequence variants.
Mitochondrial DNA analysis in cyclic vomiting, Population variation and diversity of human mitochondrial DNA.
Plant genome organization and evolution, molecular characterisation of gypsy group retrotransposons as a model for the development of novel transformation vectors for gene tagging, mapping, and fingerprinting, Development of Microarrays for evaluating phylogenetic and functional diversity of the uncultured microbial world.

Techniques Essam Zaki Uses:

Define and agree the objective.
Brainstorm ideas and suggestions having agreed a time limit.
Assess/analyse effects or results.
Prioritize options/rank list as appropriate.
Agree action and timescale.
Control and monitor follow-up.

Essam Zaki's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Proven ability to work with scientists and non-scientists from multiple disciplines and at multiple levels. Strong problem solv
  2. International experience includes living and working in England, Germany, France, Italy and Egypt. Strong desire to learn new l
  3. Exceptional written, verbal, and interpersonal and team skills. An energetic self-starter, who thrives in an innovative, result
  4. Accomplished multidisciplinary genomicist and consultant with over 20 years of comprehensive research experience in academia
  5. Proven track record of scientific publications and scientific oral presentations.
  6. Extensive project management experience. Past positions include research, research & development, and management. Solid expe

Essam Zaki's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Participated in conceptual design, development and establishment of the first Centre of Personalized Medicine for childhood diseases, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
  2. Established Egypt’s fist Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Research Institute. Partnered with contractors, architects, and the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research to build the Institute and hired and trained research fellows and technicians.
  3. Conceptualized, developed and assisted in Research & Development, assay development, analysis, interpretation and report writing for the comprehensive Courtagen’s mitochondrial DNA (mtSEEK™) using Next Generation Sequencing Technology.

    Assisted with development, and testing of Courtagen’s comprehensive sequence analysis of nuclear Mitochondrial Exome (nucSEEK™) using Next Generation Sequencing Technology.
    Worked closely with Courtagen’s Bioinformatics software development team to develop Courtagen’s proprietary bioinformatics analysis program (Ziphyr®)
  4. Genomics, Genetics, Diagnostic Kits, Personalized Medicine, Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis & direct experience identifying variants driving human disease and/or therapeutic response, Research & Development, Assay Development, Analysis, Interpretation& Report Writing, Research Project Management, Cost Analysis, Purchasing, SOP Writing, Workflow Design, Experimental Design & Execution, Protocols & Instruments Troubleshooting, Clinical laboratories regulations (CAP, CLIA, GCP, ISO15189), Clinical laboratory automation .
  5. Developed and patented novel simple, inexpensive and easy to perform molecular diagnostic kit for Functional disorders (autism, migraines, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable-bowel syndrome, chronic abdominal pain, sudden infant death syndrome, cyclic vomiting syndrome, etc.).