Problem Solver

PgPmE.PmE.Prof. Eugene Dugbartey

Areas PgPmE.PmE.Prof. Eugene Dugbartey is Knowledgeable in:

Medical,Pharmaceutical,Chemical,Nutrition Medicine & Catering Management,Public Health,Environmental,Health,Audiovisual,Applied Biology-Clinical Trials, Cell Biology,Genetic Medicine,Immunological Medicine,Biological Sciences,Biological Chemistry,Mammalian Physiology,Bimolecular Sciences,Pharmacology with Immunology

Techniques PgPmE.PmE.Prof. Eugene Dugbartey Uses:

Good practice/ethic code and implicational inteligence ,plus human psychology.

PgPmE.PmE.Prof. Eugene Dugbartey's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Various

PgPmE.PmE.Prof. Eugene Dugbartey's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have invented various type of medicines , by using raw natural herbs , into the chemical stage through my independent research of the pathogens that brings about these diseases. Have been used herbally and has proved useful.