Problem Solver

Eugene Pancheri

Areas Eugene Pancheri is Knowledgeable in:

Formulation, low cost solutions, sustainability, difficult problems

Techniques Eugene Pancheri Uses:


Eugene Pancheri's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Consumer product formulation / solving seemingly impossible problems

Eugene Pancheri's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. •Created Hair, Body + Clothes 3 in 1 cleaning product for people who live on <$2/day with profit equal to Tier 1. Cleans better, is safer, yet costs no more on shelf than competing products. P&G previously could not put a bottle of water or bag of sand on shelf at this price point.

    •Designed Powder Detergent that allowed P&G to lead legislated Phosphate removal from US laundry detergents. This had previously eluded P&G and competitor researchers for 2 decades. The profits earned from this robust formula allowed P&G to very successfully compete with its major competitors via a drumbeat of improved and novel laundry product initiatives.

    •Designed Liquid Detergent that maintained high performance and profit versus competition in face of dramatic material price increases (cost of oil doubled) during past decade. Utilized solutions that played to P&G’s core strengths without loss of profitability and forced competition to acquire new technology to compete.