Problem Solver

Evan Lowry

Evan Lowry

Areas Evan Lowry is Knowledgeable in:

Process design and scale-up. Design challenges in the process/energy industry. Emerging alternative energy problems in hydrogen, renewable diesel production, biogas.

Techniques Evan Lowry Uses:

Problem diagraming/visualization, process layouts, DFMEA, Design thinking, ideate & iterate, computational simulation/prototyping

Evan Lowry's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Process Scale-up
  2. Process Engineering
  3. Separator Design
  4. Process Simulation
  5. Thermodynamic Modeling
  6. CAD Modeling
  7. Computational Fluid Dynamics
  8. Reactor Design

Evan Lowry's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed patented Python algorithm and machine layouts for adsorption apparatus.
  2. Designed novel separator device for inertial separation of liquids and particles from gases.
  3. Developed patented gas-liquid reactor design that reduced size requirements and CAPEX while maximizing separation efficiency.
  4. Developed a novel process for treatment of sour wastewater.
  5. Developed and tested novel adsorbent materials for separation of isomeric mixtures of butane gases.
  6. Programmed custom process models in Python, ChemCAD, and DWSIM, and computational fluid dynamics models for prototyping new equipment. Created custom models for separator design used by applications engineers.