Problem Solver

Ezry Akkerman

Ezry Akkerman's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. proprietary solid film wear resistant coating
  2. High performance self compacting concrete & cast concrete
  3. Tribology solutions for extreme environments (temperature, acids, vacuum)
  4. activation of quarry/mining waste towards application as construction materials
  5. micron/nano separation/classification of powders
  6. ultra fine & nano grinding (size reduction) of mineral/ceramics
  7. proprietary release agents & anti adhesives
  8. proprietary anti fouling systems
  9. cellular & fiber concretes

Ezry Akkerman's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. heavy duty lubricant coating/additives working at temperature range from minus 160 C to +450 C.
  2. performance enhancement of cement by mechanical activation
  3. Dry separation/De dusting of quarry aggregate waste streams thus recycling streams previously not attractive for recycling
  4. activation of granite quarry waste dust as cement replacement
  5. turning fly ash to silica fume analogue
  6. wet separation of mineral/ceramic/metal powders up to 100 nano meters cut size, at capacities of 10-20 kg/hour