Problem Solver

Fabian Jorge Tomas

Fabian Jorge Tomas

Areas Fabian Jorge Tomas is Knowledgeable in:

I have expertise in many areas, but I'm expert in none.

Techniques Fabian Jorge Tomas Uses:

1.- Analysis of problem.
2.- Weigh technical requirements.
3.- Propose a solution that meets most of technical requirements.
4.- Attack the solution from different angle to find weak points.
4.- And research a lot to prove it.

Fabian Jorge Tomas's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I created a new educational program to improve employment in the tertiary level.
  2. I Design and prove a new mechanism for tamper proof evidence.
  3. I find a way to communicate the benefits of pet food.
  4. I found an application for a new polymer memory effect (product, market and lifetime) (winning solution)
  5. I design a water container (compact, economical and durable) to refugees.
  6. I evidences and proposed a mechanism for an alternative energy source on Mars (Considered by NASA as innovative as possible, but not yet applicable in its draft colonization of Mars)