Problem Solver

Fahd Rasul

Areas Fahd Rasul is Knowledgeable in:

Recycling farm waste, Production of a cost effective soil conditioner product to stabilize the natural health of soils and enhance nutrient and water use efficiency.

Techniques Fahd Rasul Uses:

Simple techniques of problem solving was used, the problem was reviewed thoroughly from literature, presentations from scientists in various conferences, then discussions, meetings and planned several experiments to verify the results along with new ideas that were shared for feedback with other scientists and various treatments were tested repeatedly on pilot scale and ready to launch the products on large scale.

Fahd Rasul's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. motivator, innovator, marketer,educator, researcher

Fahd Rasul's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed some recipes of biochar with certain formulation to control the acidic and alkaline nature of soil in micro plots, nurseries.
    This is a technique of biochar production through pyrolysis for which special prototype designs have been developed which can be use at pilot scale at remote locations for recycling farm waste and converting them into black gold for soil, Patents are planned and soon the process will be carried out at large scale and market is being developed as an enterprise startup from University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan. The product developed are great cost effective items which can be used for multi purpose soil conditioning, heavy metals remediation, water filtration, Waste water treatment, Carbon sequestration to mitigate climatic changes, soil amendment for managing soil salinity, Improving nutrient and water holding capacity, soil health enhancement.