Problem Solver

Faraz Chamani

Faraz Chamani

Areas Faraz Chamani is Knowledgeable in:

*-Research and development.
*-Product development.
*-3D modelling.
*-Vertical transportation.
*-Artificial intelligence.
*-Music (Composing).
*-Military defense.

Techniques Faraz Chamani Uses:

Engineering relations. In my opinion all the engineering fields are highly connected and in related to each.
So any problem, has been solved before but in other fields! We just need to relate them...

Faraz Chamani's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Product developer
  2. Elevators and vertical transportation
  3. 3D modelling
  4. Engineering relations
  5. R&D Specialist

Faraz Chamani's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed a app, base on Excel platform for companies in elevator business.
    The app provide the wide range of services include accounting, R&M programming, and etc...
  2. I published the book "Standardization of traction elevator according to the Iran national elevator standard 6303-1".
    The hand book is an assistance for technical directors in elevator business and base on EN-81 .
  3. I designed a transparent operating touch panels (low cost), equipped with holographic screen.
    The panel has specialized for elevators but expandable for other uses.
  4. I designed and developed a device to measuring guide rails (Elevators) deflection and checking for alignment of mounted equipment.
    The device called "Phoenix 25-3D".