Problem Solver

Faraz Haider

Faraz Haider

Areas Faraz Haider is Knowledgeable in:

Linux, software development.

Techniques Faraz Haider Uses:

I use available technologies and bridge them to provide a solution. The solution usually involves far less code than the component building blocks.

Faraz Haider's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. opensource (devops)

Faraz Haider's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have built a university management system and integrated with it various open source software such as moodle, limesurvey and unitime thus providing a university with a zero-cost solution to meet all their IT requirements.
  2. I have created an emergency dashboard using only open source software with sms, email and robot based VOIP call delivery capability.
  3. I built a military grade open source audio/video encryption device for securing VOIP calls.
  4. I integrated an open source flight dynamics module with a mechanical structure resulting an a force feedback based control loading system for an airplane. The work I did was accepted by a military air force.