Problem Solver

Farhan Zaidi

Farhan Zaidi

Areas Farhan Zaidi is Knowledgeable in:

Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Distributed Systems, Block chain, Real-time streaming based analytics, Designing Complex and Scalable systems

Techniques Farhan Zaidi Uses:

Problem analysis, Software Architecture, design, Big Data tools, Analytics, Machine Learning

Farhan Zaidi's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Node.js
  2. Tensorflow
  3. Apache Spark
  4. scikit-learn
  5. Pytorch
  6. Redis
  7. MongoDB

Farhan Zaidi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Currently working on the design of an IPTV and Vifdeo on Demand streaming system. The system has sevral components including a movie and advertisement recommendation system based on dynamic user behavior.
  2. I helped build a scalable constraints based VoIP Routing Engine. GThe engine is based in Node.js based and is used by a large wholesale Voice Over IP marketplace in Europe. The project required extremely high speed data handling for Voice Over IP Route Calculations for Session Border Controllers (SBC), based on multiple constraints and factors in a dynamic environment. I designed and delivered the project with a core team of developers. Redis was used for high speed in-memory processing of data. Node.js based Micro-services architecture was used with REST-FULL API exposition to external clients.
  3. I worked as the chief software architect of a Node.js based Middleware platform for Telecommunications domain. As part of the project, I designed and successfully delivered a Service Delivery Platform (SDP) based on Node.js and C. It was a large project that spanned more than a year and I was responsible for architecture, design and implementation with a team of 8 developers and QA Engineers. The platform implemented several Telecommunication protocols like DIAMETER, RADIUS, SMPP and several interfaces for Mobile Financial Services. The platform also implemented large scale analytics solution. It was based on Microservices architecture with an indigenously developed high speed, asynchronous messaging API. The scripting for financial services was done in JavaScript on Node.js and the core was written in C for high performance. The platform is in active production use in a large Telecom corporation in East Africa and serves more than 5 million transactions per day.
  4. I designed an API Gateway and Middleware for managing REST-API with Oracle and other RESTFUL back-ends. Performs Authentication, Authorization, validation, business rules application, commits/rollbacks and rate limiting etc. for several operations of a large Telecom corporation in EU. The project also involves large scale Big Data analytics with Spark and a comprehensive reporting module as part of Middleware solution.