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Helping people to live a fuller life.

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I am a deep thinking

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  1. Once we have a federally regulated A.I.Robot that the government can monitor, repair and upgrade. let's say it's called the U.S.BOT.
    They can then offer one U.S.BOT to each citizen, but the citizen must put it together (there can be a youtube channel and a government website that can give a tutorial) The citizen can pay for the U.S.BOT or they can get a contracting job with the government (a 16 year old could do it) The citizen and their U.S.BOT will construct 5 to 20 U.S.BOTS paying for the citizens U.S.BOT.
    These U.S.BOTS can help elderly, disabled and regular individuals to be independent.
    Anything from carrying groceries to carrying an elderly man or woman that needs help.
  2. As far as fires spreading. The government could set up watertanks in specific areas that are attached to a sprinkler system that can be filled from rain water and other sources. When the temperature is above a certain degree and it's to hot, the sprinkler system comes on and wets the area to keep it from becoming to dry and catching fire.
  3. If the government sets up a US based company that sells all kinds of products not monopolizing anything, but just to make a profit from its citizens, and the world from the things that sell world wide. The government could take that money and put it into things like social security.
    If they would have charged $1 to each individual person per month for the internet, how much money would the government have made by now?
  4. (Example) We take five closed walmart super centers and turn them into indoor farms.
    One for corn. One for potatoes. One for beans. One for tomatoes, and one for lettuce. We may need more then one for each I don't know exactly how many we would need. We can lower the food cost for vegetables in the country.
  5. If we added a 360 degree camera system to each light pole that is connected to a tracking system that could identify and follow individuals. We could end physical (what can be seen) Crime. Either all criminals will be caught or they will stop because they know they will get caught. One way or the other crime will stop.