Problem Solver

Farideh Goudarzi

Farideh Goudarzi

Areas Farideh Goudarzi is Knowledgeable in:

Cell and Gene therapies, Medical Devices and IVDs, Food & Beverages, FMCG

Farideh Goudarzi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed a product concept around a patent to develop a regenerative procedure for root canal.
  2. I built a startery for a Contract Research Organisation to add a new service.
  3. I developed a CAR-T design targeting colorectal cancer using allogeneic iPSCs.
  4. I built a sugar reduction technolgy strategy.
  5. I have developed insitu-CO2 generation technolgy for fizzy drink preparation.
  6. I have developed a sensing technology to measure glycerol in 5ul blood, for diagnostic purposes.
  7. I have developed natural wood impregnation technology.
  8. I have analysed business development strategy of small-mid size organisations, coming up with clear recommendations for short-long term growth.