Problem Solver

Farina Farmanbar

Areas Farina Farmanbar is Knowledgeable in:

I have been well-educated in economics and have a reasonable knowledge in Micro economics including: demand and supply, tax and subsidies, various markets, elasticity, utility, expenditure, technology, income and costs, external effects, production and consumption, and game theory, in Macro economics including: monetary and fiscal policies, various growth models, employment, investment, external sector, and expectancies, in econometrics including: linear regression models, statistics tests, Maximum likelihood, auto correlation, heteroscedasticity, ARCH & GARCH, simultaneous equation systems, ILS, IV, 2SLS, 3SLS, ARDL, ARMA, ECM, and time series. Moreover, since my master major is in energy economics I have expertised in energy market, energy prices, renewable and non-renewable types of energy, energy subsidies, environmental tax, energy supply and demand, environmental disasters, and climate change. Also, due to my dissertation and papers I have been working on, I have a reasonable knowledge in efficiency and productivity models.

Techniques Farina Farmanbar Uses:

I use visual techniques to transfer information thoroughly such as videos and PowerPoint slides. Moreover, I propose questions that I might had myself during studying the topic and answer them and then, encourage others to ask their questions. I make a friendly connection with others to feel free to ask as much as questions they have.

Farina Farmanbar's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. efficiency
  2. econometrics
  3. micro economics
  4. macro economics
  5. environmental economics
  6. energy economics
  7. energy policies
  8. environmental policies

Farina Farmanbar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have calculated the impact of fluctuations of oil revenues on Iranian's economy.
  2. I have developed a growth model considering the impact of institutional quality on limited energy resources.
  3. I have evaluated the economic and environmental impacts of Persian Gulf sea water desalination.
  4. I have calculated energy price distortions using shadow price method in my dissertation.
  5. I have calculated allocative efficiency of energy carriers using the SFA method in my dissertation.
  6. I have calculated energy and environmental efficiency of Iranian provinces using network DEA.
  7. I was a teacher assistant in Micro economics for 1 year.