Farzad Jalilian

Farzad Jalilian
Problem solving in:
1- Micro joining materials metals, ceramics, polymers and composites
2- Heat treatment, coating, powder metallurgy and brazing materials
3- Saving energy in drying, curing, sintering and melting materials
4- Optimized in process parameters
5- characterization materials (destructive and nondestructive methods)

Some experiences in optimization and problem solving:

1- Development and replaced cast iron oval fitting for electrical industry with aluminum alloys with higher mechanical and corrosion properties
2- Optimization a build up brazing technique for repairing superalloy parts using in aerospace industry
3- Development a new high strength aluminum structure casting for power train automotive application (cast joining an interlayer between aluminum case engine and ferrous alloys parts)
4- Development a new aluminum foam with low foaming temperature using in automotive industry
5- Development a new joining technique for aluminum sheets and aluminum foams
6-Extracted precious micron and nano sized materials such as Pd, Pt and Rd from used catalytic converter
7- Development a copper - graphite composite via powder metallurgy for bearing applications
8-Development a new joining method for Inconel 617 superalloy for turbine parts using transient liquid phase bonding process
9- Development a new chemical solution for etching of carbon fiber applicable in copper graphite composites
10-Development a patent for 3D printing a biomaterial alloy with amorphous structure
11- Development a new joining technique of ceramics, polymers and polymer matrix composites with minimum joining time and energy
12-Development a new interlayer for joining aluminum car body sheets with low melting point
13- Optimization the heat treatment Aluminum alloys sheets (2024-6061-6063) for aerospace applications
14- Optimization the casting procedure of aluminum alloys (356-357) for aerospace applications
15- Saving energy in curing and sintering ceramic and metal powders