Problem Solver



Areas Firas ALOMARY is Knowledgeable in:

Communications engineering, Computer science, Data Coding, Networking, Information technology, software engineering, Internet of Things, M2M applications, Embedded systems, Networking.

Techniques Firas ALOMARY Uses:

>Define the problem.
>Analyze it to find the core reason for it.
>Write a full description about it.
>Look for similar problems and their solution.
>Put the problem in my background thinking googling my mind for a solution!
>Write down each solution comes to my mind and discuss it with my team.
>Format the best solution.
>Check the solution and try to criticize the solution from the seeker's point of sight then update and get over any gap in my solution.
>Start implementing the solution and keep updating it.
>Submitting on time!

Firas ALOMARY's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. programming
  2. Digital Signal Processing
  3. Data Coding
  4. VHDL
  5. Encryption
  6. Digital Signal Processing
  7. Networking
  8. Mircosoft Office
  9. Microsoft .Net
  10. Electronics
  11. Image processing
  12. Linux
  13. Matlab
  14. Windows
  15. Software testing
  16. Java
  17. Software Development
  18. Hardware engineering

Firas ALOMARY's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Research and Development Senior/lead Software/Electronics/Communications Engineer, but curious about everything.
    I love solving hard problems, learning new domains, and creating big systems that are manageable and amenable to change. In order to help my whole team succeed, I find and remove obstacles, answer a lot of smart questions, and try to ask even more dumb questions.
    Having a wide base experience in both Hardware and software engineering, makes me the best professional to solve complicated problems in different sections (Communications, Electronics, and networking).